1. No persons will speak to or approach any adjudicator or adjudicators table before, during or after the competition except competition staff.

  2. The number of places awarded in each section will be entirely at the adjudicator's discretion.

  3. All our adjudicators are Professional Performers & Educators.

  4. The adjudicators decision is final.



  1. Competitors may only enter one dance in one solo section of any age group. e.g. 10/u restricted jazz or 10/u open jazz not both.

  2. You cannot dance in two solo age groups in the same section e.g. 12/u & 14/u jazz.

  3. Where enough entries are received, we try to split solos into the restricted & open.

    Please be aware if not enough entries are received to run sections, these sections will be combined.

    Restricted Sections are for competitors who have never placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any recognised eisteddfod or dance competition, in the style they wish to enter.

    Open Section are for competitors who have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a recognised eisteddfod or dance competition, in the particular dance style they wish to enter.

  4. Competitors must dance in order of programme. If a competitor is not listed in programme due to committee error he or she will dance last.

  5. All competitors perform at their own risk. No responsibility will be accepted for injury or lost property. This includes all persons attending competition.

  6. The use of excessive gymnastics and acrobatics in routines is greatly discouraged, adjudication is on dance technique and stage presence, and will result in being marked down.

  7. Studios may enter a maximum of two troupes per section, if same students are dancing.

  8. Troupes must have minimum 5 competitors. Age of troupe is strictly that of oldest member as of May 1, 2019- NOT THE AVERAGE AGE OF COMPETITORS.

  9. Troupe sections will be split into sections based on numbers of competitors if numbers allow. Please make sure troupes numbers are on entry form, if they are not, troupes will automatically be entered in 13+ competitor sections this will not be changed.

  10. Sections for primary and high schools are strictly for non-dance schools. Any registered dance studios found to be dancing in these sections will have all students entered in competition immediately disqualified.

  11. Protests may be lodged in writing accompanied by a $15.00 fee. If protest is dismissed the fee will be forfeited. No action will be taken without a formal protest.


Parents & Teachers

  1. Teachers are reminded always bring teachers passes as they will not be given free entry without this pass. Absolutely no exceptions.

  2. No parents are allowed back stage. Teachers are required to accompany their students in the dressing rooms, corridors & in the wings for child safety & to ensure the dancers behaviour is controlled & a happy competition vibe is maintained.

  3. No prompting allowed for any age groups including 8yrs and under.

  4. Teachers please inform parents of the no videoing or photography rules and that an admittance fee must be paid if they wish to watch. Any family members or teachers who are found filming ANY of the competition will firstly be asked to stop filming, if they do not stop filming will be asked to leave the auditorium and risk having their school disqualified. This is to protect the artistic property of each studio, and for child protection reasons. Professional footage of the competition will be provided to every studio or individual competitor as part of your registration fee.

  5. Choreography & costuming should be kept age appropriate & suitable for family entertainment for the protection of our child performers.

  6. We remind everyone involved that the emphasis on this competition is for the competitors to have fun and to be able to have the chance to do what they love in a warm and friendly environment.

  7. Could all studio principals please inform parents that any bad behaviour from students, parents or teachers will lead to disqualification of their school or studio.