Registration Process

Age (as at May 1st 2018)

Entry Fees

  • Solos - $20
  • Duo/trio's - $30
  • Troupes - $55
  • Championships - $30

Entries close March 30th 2018.

  • No entries will be accepted after the closing date.
  • No entries will be changed if entered in the incorrect sections, please do not contact us and ask to change (except if error is that of the committee). 


  • No competitors will be added to the programme in extra sections after the final entry date. Entry forms must state full name, address, telephone number, age of competitor, date of birth, sections and teachers names together with entry fee.


$5 (postage included) to be ordered with entries or available free from the website.

  • The programme will be sent out three weeks prior to the competition.
  • We recommend programmes be ordered for troupe members who want them as there will be a limited amount for sale at the competition.