Location of competition – Assembly Hall

Parking – limited parking available in Gate 1A Ada, Ave. Parking available on the surrounding streets including - Ada Avenue, Lucinda Ave, The Glade.

Please make safe and smart choices when parking, dropping off & picking up. Although there is some onsite parking, there will certainly not be enough on troupe days. Please allow enough time to potentially park walking distance away from the venue.


  1. An official sound system will be available to play CD's OR iPods/iPads. DEVICE preferred

  2. One track recording per CD OR on iPod playlist. Absolutely no exceptions.

  3. Make sure you have a backup CD or device.

  4. Make sure your CD is clean with no scratches.

  5. Do not put stickers on your CD as it can affect the balance.

  6. CD's with vocals are not allowed in classical, demi character or song & dance.

  7. Remember to pick up music when finished.


Registering at the Competition

  1. Competitors must register backstage when their section is called.

  2. Competitors take CD to music booth.

  3. Troupes please make one person in charge of music.


Dressing Rooms

  1. No changing is permitted in toilets or foyers at either venue.

  2. Please keep dressing rooms clean and tidy at all times.

  3. Please keep noise to a minimum as it is off putting for those on stage performing.

  4. Please respect other people's belongings.

  5. Do not put lipstick or make-up on walls or benches, please respect the property of the venues.

  6. If the dancers responsible are found their school will be disqualified.

  7. NO parents will be allowed in the change rooms. Extreme will require a teacher from each studio/school (there are no restrictions on number of teachers) to accompany their troupes and stay with them for the entire time they are in the dressing room, lining up in the corridor, and in the wings. This is for child protection, and to ensure the dancers behaviour is managed appropriately.



  1. The committee has the right to amend the programme, also to join or divide age groups or sections depending on number of entries.

  2. The committee will decide on any matters that may arise not listed in our rules.

  3. The committee's decision is final.


Video & Photography

  1. An official Video Operator and Photographer will be available throughout the competition. Every performance will be filmed as part of your comp registration fee & emailed to you within 10 days of the competition. For any film related issues, please email

  2. To protect our choreographer's work and children's privacy personal video recording and photography is strictly prohibited in the hall.


Admission Charges

Could all dance teachers please inform parents of audience admission charges so there is no confusion as to what is expected. Prices are listed in both this syllabus and the programme. Thank you.



  • $20


  • $15

School age children

  • $10

Solo Days

  • $5 entry for all